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Pink Roses

Animal Listener, Therapist, Pet Behaviourist

& Energy Healer   

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As a nation of animal lovers many people can't imagine life without their pets.

Many offer a loving home to rescue animals. It's not unusual for a pet to come to you with no known history which can at times leave you wondering why your pet behaves in certain ways.

Do you ever wonder what your pet is really trying to tell you? Are you at a loss to understanding specific behaviours? Does your pet appear anxious at times? Maybe you are concerned that your pet is experiencing discomfort? You might be looking for ways to build a closer relationship and bond with your pet.


In my role as a listener, interpreter, therapist and pet behaviourist I work remotely using intuition, telepathy and energy to connect with your pet. It’s my aim to interpret their thoughts and feelings, also to establish if they are experiencing any worries and discomfort. They usually share their history which can be useful if you have recently acquired your pet. I aim to assist you to understand how to connect with your pet on a deeper level. I will share techniques to enable you to gain an understanding and improve your relationship. This can be an emotional as well as enlightening experience. Animals can say the funniest things so be prepared for laughter as well as tears.



This service is not intended as a substitute for professional veterinary medical advice or care and is offered on a guidance basis only.

I am not an animal trainer. If I feel that your pet would benefit from the support of other professionals including a vet, I will suggest this at the time of consultation.


Please note I do not offer this service for missing animals.

*** Due to the current high volume of enquiries I am prioritising animals experiencing anxiety or displaying behaviours that cause concern. If you have any particular worries or concerns about your pet or struggling with bonding please feel free to contact me, I will do my best to accommodate you.

Remote Communication using a Photograph:

I work remotely so you do not need to be present at the time of the session. At the time of booking I will give you an estimated date of when I will undertake the session. The session can take up to 30 mins. Sessions are recorded for your reference. 

What do you want to know? Here’s an example of what people tend to ask:


  • Does the animal have any discomfort or misalignment? (please refer to disclaimer)

  • Do they feel settled or anxious in their environment?

  • Presenting behaviours – be specific

  • How do they feel about you and what can you do to improve your relationship and the quality of their life?


Please note these are animals and it’s not like you and I having a conversation. Some have a short attention span and get fed up so don’t be tempted to overload your pet with a long list of questions. Don’t worry they usually cover key points during the session.

For more information please contact me by clicking on this link 

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Pink Roses

Customer Reviews 

"I was aware of Ginny and the services she offered due to my Mum having a reading done by her on our horse many years ago. Just like the previous reading, Ginny was able to blow me away with the information she retrieved from my much-loved dog. I could make sense of all the information Ginny gathered and loved hearing her personality shine through in the reading. It was an amazing experience and I would 100% recommend her to anyone and everyone!

Thank you Ginny."

"The bond D and I have has literally gone from good to amazing since your visit ❤ The connection and understanding we have now is just so much more 🥰 We have daily chats about things and he is so interested in what I am saying 😂 I've always known they understand bits of what we say and our happy or angry tones etc. but I honestly never knew he knows exactly what I am saying,  its opened up my world with him. So again thank you so much for seeing us, we are both so 

grateful for your visit."

"Truly amazing! It's inspiring seeing Ginny work with the horses and their reaction to her. I call one of ours "Lady", which is nothing like her real name and only I use it. I nearly fell over when I heard her tell me that! I thoroughly recommend a session with Ginny, which is very special. Ginny has a great sense of humour and is one of those people whom you wish you could spend more time with. She is very gifted and happy to pass on her knowledge. Do try this."

"Wow!!!!! I’m in awe of this lady A very talented lady indeed I’ve used Ginny on three of my horses and booked her for my other two she was bang on with all three so much so reduced me to tears. I would highly recommend her to any one that needs answers or just like to get a helping hand build a bond with your horse. She has a lovely way with them also she records the sessions so you have the experience for life well worth a visit thank you Ginny 😍😍see you soon." 

Pink Roses

Include your horses & dogs in your wedding ceremony    


Wedding, civil partnership, commitment, and renewal of vows ceremonies. You might like to give your pets special roles within your ceremony. I specialise in themed ceremonies so please feel free to ask for more information. As a skilled celebrant I will guide and support you to design the service you want and one that is truly memorable. 

You can hold your ceremony anywhere.  There are no limits to what you can include. 

For more information please click on this link 

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