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Healing for pets 

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Ginny Patterson Energy Healer 

assisting you to improve your pets quality of life 

Aura cleansing, chakra balance and energy healing for animals

Are you at a loss to understanding and improving specific behaviours? Does your pet appear to experience repeated health concerns or maybe needs some assistance on the road to recovery?


If you can identify with any of this your pet could be experiencing energy, emotional and mental blockages. Your pet’s aura is likely to be damaged and full of debris and the chakras (energy centres) are out of balance.


My sessions take place remotely and consist of an initial consultation via phone, video call or email to establish your pet’s general health and any behavioural concerns. I will explain how the auric field becomes damaged, the impact of energy blockages and how these can affect your pet’s health and behaviour.

You will need to send a photograph of your pet (full view) via email or WhatsApp. Once I receive the photograph, I will start the healing process with your pet. I work remotely using intuition and distant energy healing. It’s my aim

to interpret your pet’s thoughts and feelings, also to establish if they are experiencing any worries and discomfort. They usually share some of their history which can be useful and might shed some light on how to move forward.

Distant healing is not restricted to any time and location. I work energetically with your pet to cleanse your pet’s auric field removing any blockages, debris and energy attachments using varied techniques. I will open and balance chakras and heal imbalances in the energy system. I will explore any energy blockages caused by past life and current life experiences. This part of the process is carried out over a period of three days.

I will select specific crystals to place on the photograph and place your pets photograph into my crystal healing cabinet full of beautiful crystals. I send energy healing to your animal daily for initially 7 days. I will message you during this time to ask for updates about your pet and any changes. After the first week I will ask for an update on any progress.  I then continue to send healing daily for a further 7 days. I check in with your pet regularly during the process to gain their perspective.


My techniques are designed to complement any other therapy approaches. I aim to work alongside other practitioners including trainers, behaviourists, and vets when applicable. At the end of the two-week timeframe, we will evaluate any changes and progress to determine if your pet would benefit from further input from me.

If you would like more information please click on this link 


I am dedicated to my work and aim to maintain the highest level of honesty and integrity, adhering to strict codes of professional conduct, including the Veterinary Surgeons Act. Energy healing and the process of aura cleansing with your pet is not intended to replace or act as an alternative to conventional treatments given by your vet. My services are purely supportive of conventional medical practices.

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Client Reviews  



"In early July this year, my 19-year-old pony Ella, who has been part of the family since she was 4, succumbed to laminitis. We have been managing her for the past 10 years with Equine Metabolic Disease, but this years’ grass growth caught us out.

I am very much of the opinion that all our animals come to us for a reason and, although Ella is much loved, she has never really had much 1:1 attention from me over the years. She was bought for my daughter on impulse from the market, where she looked totally dejected and frightened. Something drew me to her then, and now, with the possibility that I might lose her, I knew that I had to investigate the purpose for her being present in my life, as well as do my best for her management wise. As a complementary therapist with a strong belief that most illness is manifested from an emotional or mental pattern, I also wondered if her illness may be helped by her being allowed to express any issues she may be harbouring.

I asked Ginny if she was up for the challenge, knowing that if anyone could help with this, it would be her. She agreed to trial Ella with a new idea which, synchronistically, she had been developing at the time! The idea was to send distance healing (again, as a therapist myself I am aware that distance is no object when performing energy work), cleanse her aura, and communicate with her, particularly around the subject of any past life trauma, which may still be affecting her in this lifetime.

I sent Ginny photographs to work from and she spent a lot of time connecting with her almost every day; checking her discomfort levels and sending healing. The communications regarding past lives was mind blowing and confirmed my belief that we had unfinished business from a previous life relationship. It was also heart breaking to hear her experiences as a pit pony in a previous existence.

From the onset of treatment and communications with Ginny, Ella displayed a much happier and accepting attitude to her newly restricted freedom. After Ginny explained the link between grass and her hoof pain, she even gave up trying to nip through gates that we opened for access! Ginny continued to send healing and we were able to clear her a grass free track to get her moving a month ago. Two and a half months on, Ella is trotting up the track sound and even galloping around at times. We’ve both had to accept that grass is a no no for her going forward, but she has access to a hedge line of Hawthorne, Bramble and various other plants to browse. She spends time on the yard with the others during the day and is next to their paddock at night. She seems fitter and happier than ever, and as Ginny so rightly pointed out, she finally receives the attention she


I’m so happy that we have finally connected properly, and with Ginny’s help, we can look forward to a brighter future, where she is no longer just the lovely, sweet, unassuming pony who gets overlooked due to the more ‘in your face’ personalities in the herd taking all the attention! Ella obviously thinks she’s better as she now has to be watched like a hawk when the gates are opened!!

Thank you Ginny. By transforming Ella’s beliefs linked to past lives and removing negativity, not to mention the regular healing sessions, Ella and I have become closer, and she has become much healthier."

Julie Dexter

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"I have been interested and used complementary therapies for many years and am myself a reiki practitioner, so when I found that Ginny offered a more advanced form of healing including reiki, aura cleansing, looking at past lives and how that’s impacted on any present problems, releasing any past life programming and use of a crystal grid on a photo for healing I thought I’d try it for my little dog.  He has problems with his appetite and is a very fussy eater, is anxious at mealtimes and has to have an appetite stimulant to help him.   It’s almost as if he doesn’t have an appetite.  He has had a full check up with the vets and I wanted to try a complementary method as well.


During the treatment with Ginny, he responded really well, and I would daily see him relaxed on his back with his paws in the air and this is when he was receiving the healing.  He became much less anxious at mealtimes, and I was less anxious at his mealtimes also as I received healing too.


The outcome is that he is a less anxious dog with his eating. He has gained weight which is great as he was always a little light.

Thank you so much for all the work you have done with him.


I would recommend Ginny for anyone with an animal with problems alongside veterinary treatment."

Nicky Anker



Aura cleansing, chakra balance and energy healing for a horse called Quinn. Feedback provided by Sue Cranston.

"I’ve had a couple of aura cleanses myself from Ginny and have been amazed at how much better I feel after so when I heard she was starting to do them on animals I jumped at the chance to have one of my horses treated. I knew when she was doing the healing as he’d fall asleep wherever he was at that time. After a couple of days he was noticeably calmer. The biggest difference I’ve noticed is he is now happier to mingle with my other two horses whereas before he would mostly ignore them! Overall he’s a much happier pony. I’ve now got her treating my cob! Thank you Ginny."

Sue Cranston



"A big thank you to Ginny, truly an amazing lady! I've not had my boy, Jack for very long, known him for almost 3 yrs but as an actual partnership less than a year. His thoughts both past and present are mind blowing to say the least!! He's had over the last couple of weeks, aura cleansing, healing sessions, crystal healing, work on his chakras, all remotely. The difference in him is amazing, he's a lot calmer, still a cheeky boy but not so pushy, it's as if a light has dawned on both of us, an understanding of what we're both feeling in our new relationship. What he's told Ginny about me is astounding and what he's told her about his past lives, his place in the herd, visits from old friends is truly remarkable. So once again, thank you Ginny for an insight into a fabulous horses life, both past and present and for helping to establish a strong bond between us which will last I hope for many years to come." 

Joanne Whyte

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