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The Horse Listener

Ginny has generated international media interest, including radio and television. Described as a key bridge linking people with their animal's most inner thoughts and feelings. Her skills and abilities have introduced animal lovers across the globe to discover the benefits of using intuition and healing.

What do you want to know?

People tend to ask similar questions to the following 

  • To establish why an animal is behaving in a certain manner.
  • Is there anything you as the guardian you can do to improve the animals quality of life.
  •  Does the animal experience discomfort.   (please refer to disclaimer below)
  •  (horses) comfortable with tack.
  •  (horses) comfortable with rider.
  •  Comfortable with work.
  •  Settled with home/yard/stable/environment.


Feel free to get in touch if you would like to arrange a visit. Alternatively you can opt to have a remote consultation by simply emailing a photograph. 

Sessions are recorded. 

Ginny also works with small animals click on this link for details.

For availability please complete the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Planned Visits, Events 

& Workshops  

May 18th



Animal communication 

Venue Derbyshire click on the link for more information



Planned visits - only 2 dates left in June

Northamptonshire  Leicestershire 




12th July 


Workshop - Reiki for horses

Venue Desborough Northants

 click on the link for more information

20th July 


Workshop - Intuitive communication with horses 

Venue TBC Boughton Mill equestrian centre Northampton click on the link for more information

27th July 


Workshop - Equine assisted mindfulness (almost full)

Venue Belton in Rutland click on the link for more information

6th Sept 


Workshop - Reiki for horses

Venue Desborough Northamptonshire click on the link for more information

14th Sept 


Workshop - Equine assisted mindfulness 

Venue TBC Boughton Mill equestrian centre Northampton click on the link for more information

Public Demonstrations 

‘Horses talking’ 

An informative as well as humorous talk Ginny will share an insight into her work as an animal intuitive.

How she discovered her abilities as a small child.

How communication works and what to expect from a consultation..

The different characters, the comic horse, the yard gossip, the cheeky chaps and the ones who have made their animal guardians cry.

She will share examples of how her work has helped people and horses to understand each other’s needs with the aim of building closer bonds and relationships.

If you are interested in hosting a demonstration feel free to contact Ginny using the form below. 

What customers are saying

Spooky is the only way to describe Ginny’s gift. She nailed it completely. There were a couple of things I couldn’t confirm but once I checked with my horses previous owner it was bang on. I am a bit of a sceptic to be honest but Ginny is the real deal! I am completely blown away.... I now find myself watching what I say around my horse and talk to him like a human! Fantastic!

What customers are saying

I can HIGHLY recommend Ginny as a horse listener. She was absolutely spot on with both of my mares... anyone would have thought she knew them inside out! Amazing experience, I would recommend to anyone 🙂 

What customers are saying

Omg just a brilliant experience I would recommend Ginny 100%. I had advice from my horse about my dressage tests so watch this space., going out on Saturday and putting what he wants into practice . I have a tape over 45 minutes long with unbelievable statements from my horse that I could validate. I'm glad to say he's very well and content and adores me. What more do I need to know. 

Thanks Ginny. 

What customers are saying

I have had the pleasure of Ginny communicating with both of my horses. I have become increasingly aware that we need to be very careful what we discuss in front of our horses as they can sometimes get the wrong end of the stick and worry about things unnecessarily. I would highly recommend Ginny for communication with your horse. You will not be disappointed and you will gain further insight into behaviours that your horse displays.

Please note: Communication and healing are not a substitute for professional veterinary medical advice or care. Ginny is very dedicated to her work and maintains the highest levels of honesty and integrity, adhering to strict codes of professional conduct, including the Veterinary Surgeons Act. If your animal experiences health or medical problems, you should consult a vet.

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