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Aura Clearing - Energy Cleansing & Chakra Balance 

Have you noticed feeling tired and more emotional recently? Trouble sleeping? Feeling heavy and lethargic? Poor concentration? Moody even irrational at times? Do things appear to keep going wrong in your life - a run of bad luck? 

You could be experiencing present life energy blockages, emotional and mental blockages, and you may have been subjected to other peoples negative thought forms.

If you can identify with any of these your aura is likely to be damaged and full of debris and chakras are out of balance.   As a result you cannot function 100% and overtime you may experience fatigue. I can help you! 

Dates: contact me to arrange a session

Face to face sessions take approx. 2.5 hours in duration.

The session consists of an initial consultation to establish your general health and energy levels. This is followed by a process of clearing and cleansing your energy field removing any blockages, debris and psychic attachments using varied techniques. After the cleansing I balance your chakras and invite you to partake in a healing session. On completion I will chat with you about how to keep your aura debris free. 

If you cannot attend an appointment in person I offer remote sessions.


Remote Aura Cleansing & Repair - Psychic Energy Cleansing & Chakra Balance Online via Zoom  

Dates: contact me to arrange a session 

This session is delivered online using easy-to-use media platform Zoom video communication.

Your appointment will take approx. 2 hours. I would advise you to refrain from drinking alcohol at least 48 hours prior to your appointment.

The consultation consists of an initial discussion to establish your general health and energy levels. This is followed by a process of clearing and cleansing your energy, working remotely I will be removing any blockages, debris and psychic attachments using varied energy cleansing techniques. You will be invited to partake in visual meditations during the session. As part of the cleansing process, I will balance your chakras and invite you to partake in a distance healing & relaxation session. On completion you will be advised on how to care for you aura. 

Client Reviews

Chris Ross: "After a fall I was in a bad way having broken my nose, banged my head, cut my face, badly bruised my hands and legs and suffered excruciating headaches. I was treated initially in hospital. Prior to this I was a very active 81 year old. Following the fall I became gradually worse until i could no longer walk very far, suffered constant headaches and had no enthusiasm for anything anymore. After a recommendation, I attended an aura cleansing treatment followed by healing with Ginny in May and June 2021. Since then I have greatly improved in balance, mobility and humour and my headaches have now gone. I have regained my enthusiasm and energy and I'm back to being active again. I'm continuing with regular healing and can't recommend Ginny's healing powers highly enough."


Mike Howkins: "I can’t recommend this highly enough. As an anxiety therapist myself, energy fascinated me and especially when it is having a negative impact on our health and well being. I had been feeling low in energy particularly and I was keen to experience this Aura cleansing , start to understand Chakras and learn about Reiki. As a professional I am used to resolving these issues the psychotherapy but was finding some resistance. I made the decision to look at this issue through my body as well as my mind. Ginny came highly recommended and soon found through damage to my aura a significant root cause to my energy depletion. So sealed up and healed up thanks to her marvellous healing capability and a good lesson in protecting myself . I made a significant step change and another layer was resolved. On top of a clean aura, better flowing energy through my chakras and I have to say some snoring during Reiki…. I left refreshed, repaired and rejuvenated."


Kirsten Russell: "I was fortunate to have an aura cleansing by Ginny and it was amazing. This treatment leaves you feeling extremely relaxed, happy and ready for anything. This was my first session and it truly felt like a suit of armour had been removed from my body, I felt as light as a feather and hopeful in life once again. If you are extremely self critical or feel like you are carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders, I 100% recommend this wonderful treatment. "


Teresa Hart: "I attended a aura healing session with Ginny as she is a trusted healer that I've been seeing for many many years. As soon as I enter her space I for some reason feel safe and I trust her implicitly. I went upset, unsettled, wound up, scared and at breaking point. Ginny performed healing on my body, mind, soul and when I left I felt a weight lifted. I live a tragic life and live under immense pressure. I also feel cursed but once I left Ginny my outlook and ability to manage pain is so different. I would recommend Ginny in a heart beat . 

 Thank you so much Ginny for always being there." 💖


Nikki Downs: "I had an aura cleansing with Ginny - it was fantastic, amazing and I have felt so much better with energy combined with feelings of peace, calm and tranquillity. Very highly recommended."


Amy Hayward: "I visited Ginny for an aura cleansing, after not feeling much like myself anymore. I felt I was blocked in some way but couldn’t explain how. The aura cleansing was calming, Grounding and made me feel like I recognised myself again. I Strongly recommend this treatment and Ginny’s prices are incredibly reasonable."

Client reviews for remote sessions: 

Mike Howkins: "I had an amazing remote aura cleansing and chakra rebalance with Ginny. For most it may be a leap of faith to experience remote or distance healing , I can guarantee that the benefits whether in person are exactly the same. Ginny is a hugely talented intuitively led healer who nourishes my inner energy and my soul . Equally she provides honest and practical advice to continue on a path of health and well being.. Amazing treatment and a stronger and more protected energy and physical self as a result of Ginny’s amazing intuitive healing ability. Thank you."


Sue Cranston: "Wow! I’ve just had a remote aura clearing, energy cleansing and chakra balance with Ginny.  I feel amazing like a ton of weight has been lifted, the aura clearing was so powerful! I would highly recommend this."

Nikki Downs: "A few years ago I had a person to person aura cleansing with Ginny it was an amazing experience and I felt so much better physically, emotionally and mentally. Today I had a remote aura cleansing done through zoom - WOW what a powerful experience! Ginny thank you so much I really felt your presence even though geographically we were a large distance apart.  I felt such an emotional release, lighter, free, and so at peace. The cards and the crystals were spot on too. Thank you, thank you thank you. So highly recommended and distance with technology really enhances the experience."

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