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      Include your pets in your wedding ceremony 


portrait of brown-haired woman standing in front of a horse and kissing, in wedding dress

You might like to give your pets special roles within your special event. 

As an established and respected horse and dog listener and animal energy healer, I have gained an excellent reputation here in the UK and nationally for assisting people in building closer bonds and special connections with their animals. 


I specialise in themed equestrian and pet ceremonies. Think of how wonderful it would be to include your pets in your ceremony and give them special roles. Your horse/dog can escort you down the aisle, be the keeper of your rings, present your vows and promises ceremony scripts, act as your best horse/dog.  Creating amazing memories to be treasured.


You can hold your ceremony anywhere. For example, at the livery yard, in your paddocks, garden, favourite rides or walks such as woodlands or on the beach! There are no limits to where you hold your ceremony and what you choose to include.


Whatever it is that you wish to commemorate I would be delighted to meet with you both to discuss ideas and wishes to create a unique and perfect day. 

 Please feel free to contact me by clicking on this link. 

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